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Alright Already

Posted by Robin Sparks on December 8th, 2005 | Email this to friend

Make your choice, adventurous stranger:
strike the bell and bide the danger
or wonder, till it drives you mad,
what would have happened if you had”

–the quote is from C.S. Lewis, author of
“The Chronicles of Narnia”.

A Home At The End of The World

Posted by Robin Sparks on December 7th, 2005 | Email this to friend

I picked the movie for its title, but it was the story that wedged its way into my heart.

A HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD is about how loved ones enter and exit our lives not always on schedule. It re-examines the definition of family, of friends, and lovers. And finally, it argues that home isn’t so much about the Where as about the Who. A Home at the End of the World reinforces what I was beginning to suspect, that Home is People, Community and Love. (All in a warm place of course!)