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Back From Being Back In Brazil

September 24, 2005 Back in San Francisco

Well y’all, I’m back from Brazil. I guess you’ve noticed I didn’t post anything while I was gone, much to my self-flogging chagrin. I’m resisting the urge to lay out reams of excuses here, so let’s just say that the world is not yet San Francisco. My plans for being the blazing road blogger went the way of my four-wheel on the dunes of Northeastern Brazil. It sunk.

I did however, write like a maniac . Daily and multi-daily. Even while bouncing up and over shifting moonscapes through lost-in-time-towns, I was seen making chicken scratches in notepad after notepad.

The challenge about writing a blog, and now that I think about it, in all good writing, is how to coalesce scads of material into one or two nuggets of epiphany.

Blogs weren’t meant to be Pulitzer Prize fodder. Yet I can’t bring myself to sign my name to a diary of drivel, grammatical and spelling-errored musings. I respect your time way too much and I am way too vain.

In search of the middle way, I will back-blog a few thoughts, emails, experiences, and perhaps an insight or two from this past month in Brazil. Keep in mind the words a few. Otherwise, I’ll be here until I’m 80 years old writing, for God’s sake, a blog.

It is good to be back….You know you’ve got wanderlust bad when you’re dreaming about the next best place two days after getting home. I have two more trips planned before the New Year. But then that’s another story.

Hang on. Here we go, back to Brazil. Starting at the beginning.

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