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Desperately Seeking Solutions

Auguest 26, 2005

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I took my Apple to the new highly touted Mac Spa in San Francisco. When I picked it up the night before leaving for Brazil, my Mac G4 had received a new brain called Tiger. I added lots of new and improved memory, and a mic so that with Garage Band, it could function not only as my secretary, but as my traveling sound studio.

My Mac had received a new iLife!

Brazil bound and ready to blog!. There´s more than one way to tell a story I´ve been heard to say (a lot) lately.

But when I tried to rouse Mac the morning of our flight, it stirred but would not wake up! It had been too much, too fast, and now it was in a coma. I tried everything to revive it! Then I did a reinstall. Mac opened his eyes and came to. Thank God!

Later on the plane, I discovered that Mac’s memory of everything from its past had disappeared – Names, events, people, Mac remembered nada!

Hopefully it’s all there, buried deeply in its subconscious. And hopefully with the right care and treatment, it will remember everything.

Meanwhile, I’m on a planet called Paraty where I’ve yet to see one laptop, never mind an iPod or a computer rehab clinic.

And so in an internet cafe, I am desperately pecking out this S.O.S. to you.

Any recommendations for treatment? I’m trying to reach the mac docs in San Francisco, but so far no luck. Those Mac Geniuses are great – when they’re around.

And to think I just edited a book called the Portable Professional!

Right. There are a few kinks yet to work out.

Assuming that over the next few day I will have to use a foreign computer, how do i upload audio files, not to mention words, photos, and video clips onto this site? I’d even settle for just words at this point. Can I send files to someone to upload to my site until my computer recovers?

Desperately seeking solutions,


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