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Bali Lite – In the News Today

“In Kalimantan Brothels Take Over Orangutans’ Habitat”

How could I not read The Bali Times today with a headline like that?

As it turns out, the mention of a brothel was a largely irrelevant bit in a story about commercial development in a national park and the subsequent disappearance of 600 orangutans. Serious stuff.

I admit, I was hoping for something more colorful.

I scanned the paper and I got it.

More headlines:

Egg-Laden Motorbike in Scrambled Calamity “Eminent chicken-egg wholesaler Ketut Tutek lost all 2,836 ovums aboard his motorcycle (converted perambulator) when his journey was arrested…by a rare wind sheer that sent him spralling into a acrenous pothole….’With the thrashing about of Tutek in the hole and the heat of the midday sun, it quickly turned into a large omelette that was enjoyed by all,’ he said.”

Villagers in Mass Rat Hunt – “Villagers in Kuwum…successfully killed over 1,000 rats in a mass hunt last Friday, an official said…”

Unpaid Bills Leave Bali Aussies Stranded

Bar in Brawl “A bar started a brawl on Wednesday night, street beggars reported. A local vagrant said she understood the bar was “upset at having become a venue for tattooed louts and was feeling unloved.”

Expat, Living Locally, Has Smug Thought

and my personal favorite:
Facebook Users Clinically Braindead: Study “”Researchers concluded that following a survey of postings on the popular website, there was ‘little or no brain activity,’ the peer-reviewed study conducted by Harvard University’s Internet Department for Social Sciences said. ‘It is clear that with the sheer volume of gibberish and drivel posted on Facebook, there is a vast chasm of intelligent thought,’ the study’s lead author, Dr. Hamish Barnicle, said.”

Vowing to read more newspapers,

Robin in Bali

traffic on Dewisita Drive; Ubud, Bali

traffic on Dewisita Drive; Ubud, Bali

2 Responses to Bali Lite – In the News Today

  1. Bradley May 27, 2009 at 11:59 am #

    The rat hunt is NASTY! Did they have any pictures of that? (Of course I say it’s nasty then I want pictures … ). Sick. 🙂

  2. CC Leslie September 30, 2009 at 11:07 am #

    Hey Robin,
    Where are you these days? I’m returning to Ubud November 1st and wondered if our cross will pass. I’d also like to turn on a couple of friends of mine on to your booking service in Instanbul. If you hear from them their names are Marty and Karen Rudolph. Lovely retired couple.

    How’s by you?? I read that Brian relocated back to CA. I will surely miss him and Philosophers Notes when I get back to Bali.

    Hope to hear that you are well and lovin life!

    Best –CC

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