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I moved into an apartment today just a few feet from the water.

The WHY I switched locations is another story which I will write about when I’ve had a chance to cool down. Suffice it to say, that leaving the Aqua Barra Guesthouse in Buzios, Brazil was something I should have done weeks ago. The inner voice nagging at me to make a change was a quiet, but persistant one. I’d hear it, dip my toes into the water, think about it, and run back onto the shore. It’s not the first time this has happened – and just as before, it took the proverbial kick in the pants to get me moving. And just like every other time, I had/have no regrets. Quite the opposite.

If you are reading this, you know the voice of resistance I am talking about. But you too hear the other one – the one that lures you into staying where you are because although it’s not exactly what you wanted, it’s not really so bad either. To make a change that might move you towards your heart’s desire requires stepping into the Unknown. And the Unknown is a scary place.

Through the open doors of my new (old fisherman’s quarters) apartment, I can hear the ocean licking the beach. A sliver of moonlight spreads diamonds across the sea, and toy boats (ala Portugal) ride the wake up and down. Islands in the distance fade to sillouette. I will leave in few moments to walk to the little restaurant up the hill where I will dine on fish caught this morning by the owner and prepared tonight by his wife.

And so what does all this have to do with The Big Move?

Inner voice: Robin, just go.

My new neighbors across the street.
Sculpture: “Los Tres Pescadores”

The House Next Door

I saw these Sardines brought
off the boats and at them the next day

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