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Sound of Silence

Me outside Bali Buddha yesterday stocking up on food for the Day of Silence

Me outside Bali Buddha yesterday stocking up on food for the Day of Silence

This photo taken a few hours ago outside Bali Buddha where I stocked up on groceries in prep for tomorrow when the whole island of Bali goes into silence. It’s a holiday called Nyepi, celebrated the day before the Balinese New Year. No cars, no one allowed outside, in some villages no electricity. No human-generated noise. No movement outside of people’s personal homes. Nothing open.

It is the day that people go inside their hearts and minds to reflect, pray, and meditate about the past year. And the Balinese are also hoping that by keeping the lights off and minimizing human-generated sound that the evil spirits will be duped into thinking no one is home.

I said no to sailing with friends to the Gili Islands, in order to say yes to this incredibly cool holiday. I will record the day and night sounds of Bali-minus-humans. (I’ve heard that every year someone forgets to tell the birds and insects about Nyepi.) I’ll be uploading the soundscapes on this blog, so check back soon. Now off to Tutmak’s to celebrate the night before the day of silence. (: I’ll be thinking about you.


(P.S…Next morning I am fully into this day of silence…I even put up a notice that I won’t be checking email and am not reading as that would be someone talking to me. Right? Hmm. This entry probably counts as talking but I couldn’t resist telling you that as over-prepared as I thought I was for today, ($23 on groceries for one person for one day is nearly impossible here, but I pulled it off) I overlooked the need for dishes and cutlery. I am at this moment eating Bali Buddha organic raw granola and milk out of a sugar bowl with the end of my toothbrush. Back to scooping, slurping, and silence.)


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