Don’t cry for me…My apartment in Boa Viagem, Recife, Brazil is one block from the beach. Good thing I can see it, because other than one or two jogs, I’ve not had time to go there.

I left Buzios four days ago for Recife in Northeastern Brazil. Today I begin school, which involves attending classes from early in the morning until late each night, six days a week for one month. Why would I do this to myself?

To get certified as a CELTA – that’s Certificate of English Language Teaching Adults through Cambridge, England – teacher, something that will allow me to work anywhere in the world and to play around with one of my favorite things – words…

And so, from the Tower of Babel that is Buzios, Brazil with its feijoada stew of tongues, to the Portuguese of Recife, to learning how to teach others my native tongue with the use of word definitions like past participles, past simple non-perfect, conjunctions…– a language to define language, my brain is fried. I’m never sure lately when I open my mouth what will come out.

So tchau for now as I stick my head into a book. I will pop out as I can to post a few words and photos. And on August 1, I’ll be back on the Brazil Beat, probably headed to the heart of Brazil – Bahia- a place where they speak in tongues of the religious sort.

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