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An interview with Robin Sparks by the staff at OneWorld Retreats in Ubud, Bali. As Sparks prepares to return to Bali after 4 months away, she talks about her upcoming breath work and writing retreat.


Tweet September 18, 2004 Yes, I am back. It’s been two weeks since I got off the plane in San Francisco. And I am just now beginning to recognize the Americana in the mirror. Usually, after a long trip, I hide out long enough to unpack my bags, catch up with mail, pay the bills, […]

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Tweet I’m back in Salvador. Arrived with no plans for accommodations…ran into Lourdes walking down the street, Lourdes, my Brazilian friend…who within moments found me a room for $7 a night, just downstairs from my English friend Helena. Yes, in the same neighborhood where I watched a gang try to mug Helena and another gang […]

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Bohemian Paradise

Tweet I am now on the most beautiful tropical island off the coast of Salvador, Brazil…In a pousada overlooking the ocean for $30 a night! Including a bountiful breakfast. Just a 2 hour boat ride to Salvador. No motor vehicles, only sandy streets. And filled with interesting foreigners from around the world.

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Tweet Video! Watch the video a martial art/dance which originated with the slaves as a secret ritual. Download and play “Capoeira” video. (10 mb) Capoeira, the popular acrobatic dance, was developed by the slaves in Brazil as a tool of insurrection against their masters. When it was prohibited from the slave barracks, the slaves moved […]

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Tweet Like a pack of dogs they appeared circling, surrounding us under the halogen lights, then with lightening speed, surrounding Helena and just as quickly, another pack coming to our rescue to chase them away. They barked and snarled, but within seconds the attackers had withdrawn into the dark alleys of Salvador. When Helena was […]

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From the Soul of Brazil

Our house is amazing. We are giving up the predictable security and quiet of a hotel for character, and HOW. Our house in the historical district of Salvador is owned by an American from Hollywood.

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Don’t cry for me…My apartment in Boa Viagem, Recife, Brazil is one block from the beach. Good thing I can see it, because other than one or two jogs, I’ve not had time to go there.

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Life is a Beach

I am at Tartaruga Beach, one of twenty beaches on the Buzios peninsula. In Brazil, going to the beach is the raison d’ etre – everything is planned around it – and so when in Rome…

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Tweet Fisherman near mi casa, Buzios, Brazil After three months, I have returned to the Brazil – the one that remains after the lights have been dimmed on the world’s biggest party and the tourists have gone home. In the article “Walk Like a Brazilian”, I wrote that my search for home was almost over, […]

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“Je Ne Parle Pas” In Paradise

Tweet Robin Sparks is looking for a country to call home. She is traveling around the world looking for the perfect spot. This month she is in Paris, meeting with old friends and meeting new ones. Join Robin Sparks in each issue of the Escape From America Magazine as she travels around the world in search of a country to […]

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Running Away To Home

Tweet Robin Sparks is looking for a country to call home. She is traveling around the world looking for the perfect spot. This month she is in Paris, meeting with old friends and meeting new ones. Join Robin Sparks in each issue of the Escape From America Magazine as she travels around the world in […]

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