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Back From Being Back In Brazil

Tweet September 24, 2005 Back in San Francisco Well y’all, I’m back from Brazil. I guess you’ve noticed I didn’t post anything while I was gone, much to my self-flogging chagrin. I’m resisting the urge to lay out reams of excuses here, so let’s just say that the world is not yet San Francisco. My […]

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Desperately Seeking Solutions

Tweet Auguest 26, 2005 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I took my Apple to the new highly touted Mac Spa in San Francisco. When I picked it up the night before leaving for Brazil, my Mac G4 had received a new brain called Tiger. I added lots of new and improved memory, and a mic so […]

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Reality Bites

Tweet Posted: August 28, 2005 Ilha Grande, Brazil I’m pecking this out during a quick pitstop on an island called Ilha Grande just off the coast of Brazil, located halfway between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. My son, his girlfriend, and I have been sailing for two days among the 300 plus islands of […]

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Robin in Rio

Tweet August 30, 2005 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil I was out till late last night with Ryan and Jessica. We attended a huge street party in Lapa. THIS is what I didn’t get to do when I was in Rio alone last year. There was olundum drumming and bossa nova and people crowded in the […]

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Oi. The Only Macs are at MacDonald’s

Tweet September 6, 2005 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Oi! (Brazilian Portuguese for hello). I have a computer bloated with stories and photos meant to be passed on from me in South America to you in North America. But there is a language problem. My Mac speaks a different language than Brazilian PC’s. I spent hours […]

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New Digs

Tweet September 2, 2005 Rio de Janiero, Brazil I´ve just moved into a castle. No joke! I moved out of a non-descript hotel room in Copacabana, to my own little Rapunzel room high up on a hill in a castle complete with everything but a moat. You can see the Valentin Castle from most of […]

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Tweet September 9, 2005Fortaleza, Brazil – Maybe I’m just tired from arriving in Fortaleza at 2 AM last night only to be told my hotel was full. Or maybe it’s the constant wind. It could be the random sprouting of multi-story buildings blocking the view of what I’ve heard is a beautiful blue-green ocean. But […]

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Tweet September 9, 2005 Fortaleza, Brazil A man in the hotel lobby introduced himself as Steven. He was a stocky American with a Brooklyn accent, mid 60’s, wearing a wife beater shirt, baggy shorts that ended below chubby knees, and teva sandals. He had a voice that bespoke thousands, maybe millions of cigarettes. Steven had […]

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Tweet September 18, 2005 Fortaleza, Brazil I did my traditional foreign country beauty shop visit today. It’s the best way to get the pulse of a place and a cheap hair cut. I’d asked Francesca to take me to the best salon in Fortaleza, but here we were pulling up to a small shop called […]

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Brazilian Mating Game

Tweet Sept. 16, 2005 On a plane out of Rio de Janeiro, headed to Fortaleza, Brazil A few hours after saying goodbye to my son before he boarded a bus in Rio, I was on a GOL plane headed to Northeastern Brazil. A debonnaire Brazilian man I’d met and spoken to briefly in the airport, […]

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Tweet My mom and dad are selling their mountain home to move back to the Bay Area – close to health care and their children. Real estate is a strange animal – it’s value has little to do with the actual property, and everything to do with current trends and times. The house my parents […]

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Tweet I’m back in Salvador. Arrived with no plans for accommodations…ran into Lourdes walking down the street, Lourdes, my Brazilian friend…who within moments found me a room for $7 a night, just downstairs from my English friend Helena. Yes, in the same neighborhood where I watched a gang try to mug Helena and another gang […]

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Bohemian Paradise

Tweet I am now on the most beautiful tropical island off the coast of Salvador, Brazil…In a pousada overlooking the ocean for $30 a night! Including a bountiful breakfast. Just a 2 hour boat ride to Salvador. No motor vehicles, only sandy streets. And filled with interesting foreigners from around the world.

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Tweet Video! Watch the video a martial art/dance which originated with the slaves as a secret ritual. Download and play “Capoeira” video. (10 mb) Capoeira, the popular acrobatic dance, was developed by the slaves in Brazil as a tool of insurrection against their masters. When it was prohibited from the slave barracks, the slaves moved […]

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Tweet Like a pack of dogs they appeared circling, surrounding us under the halogen lights, then with lightening speed, surrounding Helena and just as quickly, another pack coming to our rescue to chase them away. They barked and snarled, but within seconds the attackers had withdrawn into the dark alleys of Salvador. When Helena was […]

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From the Soul of Brazil

Our house is amazing. We are giving up the predictable security and quiet of a hotel for character, and HOW. Our house in the historical district of Salvador is owned by an American from Hollywood.

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Don’t cry for me…My apartment in Boa Viagem, Recife, Brazil is one block from the beach. Good thing I can see it, because other than one or two jogs, I’ve not had time to go there.

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Life is a Beach

I am at Tartaruga Beach, one of twenty beaches on the Buzios peninsula. In Brazil, going to the beach is the raison d’ etre – everything is planned around it – and so when in Rome…

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Tweet Fisherman near mi casa, Buzios, Brazil After three months, I have returned to the Brazil – the one that remains after the lights have been dimmed on the world’s biggest party and the tourists have gone home. In the article “Walk Like a Brazilian”, I wrote that my search for home was almost over, […]

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