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June 3-10, 2006

The Coast of Turkey by Yacht!

Calling all moms, daughters, grandmothers, and granddaughters – new and old girlfriends… Take the journey of your life with the ones you love the most…

Led by travel writer, Robin Sparks, our group of 8-10 will cruise the coast of Turkey aboard a classic 82-ft. Turkish gulet. Our expert Turkish crew of three will sail, prepare delicious meals and take care of our every need. The Odysseus  is constructed of the finest African teak and brass with air-conditioned staterooms and private baths. A cruiseship this is not!  Nor is it a it a Caribbean sailboat. This is luxury of the most sublime sort – quality, exotic, sophisticated. To sail the coastline of Turkey is an experience like none other.

You will return from this trip not only enchanted with Turkey and the Mediterranean, but with your life. There’s nothing like a week in the Mediterranean with friends and loved ones to recharge.


After we pick you up from the airport We’ll anchor in peaceful coves and various ports. Each evening we’ll dine together under the stars. You’re room is made of beautiful African teakwood, with cushy beds and private baths. However, you may find yourself, as I did, sleeping many nights on deck with a sparkling sky as your blanket. This is luxury of the sublime, classic, yet simple sort – a world apart from your typical cruise ship scene.

With a maximum of 10, we’ll be able to choose how we spend each moment – from visiting centuries-old ruins and villages, resorts, a Greek island or two, perhaps a Turkish Bathhouse for a massage, kayaking, swimming, hiking, shopping, writing, or just kicking back and relaxing in the balmy spring Mediterranean climate.

To put together your very own gal-reunion for the week of June 3-10, email [email protected] – as soon as possible. This boat fills fast! Don’t delay. June will be here before you know it!

Robin Sparks Telling the Stories of People Around the World

Email:[email protected]

(415) 730-5281

Our hostess is Starr, who when she’s not in Turkey leading tours, is back home in New York or visiting her children in Florida.

You may opt to tack on a day or more to explore Istanbul or Cappadocia with its moon-like landscape.

Turkey is one of the most women friendly countries in the world. I guarantee that you’ll come back feeling GREAT after a week surrounded by folks who think all western women, no matter their size or age, are beautiful.


On June 3, 2006, we will transport you from the airport to the port town of Gucek, Turkey where we will board our private 82-foot yacht, a classic Turkish gullet named the Odysseus. Once we’ve all arrived, we’ll set sail along the Turkish coast passing along the way several thousand-year old ruins, fishing villages, and jet set resorts. On some days we’ll moor in idyllic coves to swim and kayak, or simply lounge about on deck, and on others we’ll visit quaint fishing villages. We’ll drop anchor at an international resort or two, and we may even stop at the enchanting Greek island of Simi.

Those who like to shop, will discover the dollar stretches a looong way in this part of the world. You’ll be overwhelmed with the expert craftsmanship of hand-knotted carpets, hand-tooled jewelry, exquisite leather goods, and much more.

If you have a group but prefer another date, call Robin at (415) 730-5281 immediately to reserve your week. The summer schedule is already quite full.


1. Comraderie. Laughter – Lots of it. Heartfelt talks with new and old friends, naps whenever you feel like it, luxury. In other words, relaxing the way you do when you’re with your best friends.

2. A wonderful dose of exotic culture…discovery of the Turkish people, some of the most gorgeous and big hearted people in the world.

3. Middle Eastern music and dance. Dance under the stars if you want to hauntingly beautiful middle Eastern music.

4. Turkish food! Delightful. Fresh. Delicious. Eat delicious prepared meals three times a day, or four if you count tea at three. If you’ve ever eaten Mediterranean fare, you know that not only is it fresh and filling, it’s healthy. You’ll never, ever feel deprived or hungry on this trip, but don’t be surprised if you return home lighter.

5. Shop in one of the least expensive countries in the world. Discover how far the dollar stretches in this country full of handcrafted rugs, jewelry, leather goods and so much more.

6. Rub shoulders with an sophisticated travelers from around the world.

7. Experience one of the last remaining countries in the world. This won’t last long as Turkey is slated to join the European Union soon.

8. Read a book all the way through if you want. Or don’t read at all.

9. Discover the feeling of not having to do anything – for one whole week. Forget about politics, work, bills, the in-laws, school…and catch up with the ones you love, even if that is you!

10. Get a healthy dose of the sun,  healing Mediterranean waters, and return refreshed.

We will sail close to the coast so if you find a place along the way where you would like to stay for an additional night or two, we can swing back to pick you up when you’re ready to join us again.

You’ll quickly fall into the slow, relaxed pace of yachting the Mediterranean where you’ll have not a care! Or tons to do. Your choice. Your friends. Your loved ones. Your week. Perfect.

We will dine together most evenings under the stars on the aft deck of our boat, while other evenings will be spent exploring villages and/or world class resorts onshore. This is a completely Customized By the Group Tour in which you may participate in planning our route, or leave it up to the crew.

FOOD is included and will consist of classic, fresh, delicious Middle-Eastern fare, prepared three times daily, except for the occasional meal onshore.

PRICE I’ve lowered the price for this spring’s trip from $3200 to $2400, a discount of $800! You won’t find this level of quality, exotic adventure and experience anywhere at this price!! $2400 includes all meals, drinks, accommodations, transfers, tips, excursions, taxes, and just about everything except for your airfare.

If you’d like assistance finding the least expensive airfare, I can help you. Fares are usually in the neighborhood of $750.

Spaces are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. A deposit of $500 per person is due by Dec. 1, 2005. $1200 is due Feb 1, 2006, and the balance is due April 1.

Don’t miss out!

Call me immediately at (415) 730-5281 or email me at
[email protected] to reserve your spot.

Robin Sparks
Telling the Stories of People Around the World
[email protected]
(415) 730-5281

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