A WORLD WITHOUT WALLS - Creating One World, One Story at a Time

OneWorld, the dream

A Californian by birth, I left my tribe 10 years ago in search of a new home in a new country. Four continents, 30 countries, and many hundreds of stories later, I settled in two new places: Turkey and Bali. Turkey is where I do business, Bali is my spiritual home, and the USA, my home of origin, is where my original tribe and family live.

I have a heart connection with friends in Greece, Nepal, India, Brazil, Thailand, Argentina, France, England, Mexico, Bali and beyond. So in a big way, the world is my home.

I write stories about our diverse lives that remind all of us of our universal humanity wherever we are, regardless of what we believe. Under my Turkish company, OneWorld ltd, I provide private homes as short term rentals for global travelers, so that they might experience the country in a more authentic manner than possible in a hotel.

It is my dream that by living in each others' worlds - experiencing new sounds, tastes, art, architecture, music, beliefs, and ways of being, that we will grow to view the planet in all its rich diversity as Our World - OneWorld.