Dragonflies and Incense Sticks – the sights and sounds of Bali

Dragonflies and incense sticks...The Magic of Bali

Dragonflies and incense sticks...The Magic of Bali

A dragonfly just landed on the corner of my computer screen. Gorgeous lacy wings. Long delicately furry tail. I moved slowly to get out of my chair to my camera, but he flew off. I think he paid a visit to say “Don’t give up Robin”, so going to put in 15 more minutes trying to get these beautiful sounds of Bali onto this post. 15 minutes later: Yay!!! Thanks to my angel web design & maintenance guru in San Francisco, Bradley Charbonneau (www.likoma.com), you can hear morning and night sounds from Bali. Scroll down to the post before this one. They’re abbreviated versions and you’ll need to crank up the volume, but they’re there. Yay! Thanks Bradley. (Still open to learning how to perfect putting audios in my blog. Anyone want to share?).

More sounds and videos to come!


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